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Mucinex Products
Mucinex and Maximum Strength Mucinex
Mucinex DM and Maximum Strength Mucinex DM
Mucinex D and Maximum Strength Mucinex D
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MUCINEX D Clears Congestion + Relieves Sinus Pressure

When your patient needs symptom relief, turn to MUCINEX D or Maximum Strength MUCINEX D

  • MUCINEX D and Maximum Strength MUCINEX D are the ONLY FDA-approved, 12-hour, extended-release guaifenesin formulations with pseudoephedrine HCl1,2
  • Pseudoephedrine shrinks swollen nasal mucosa while guaifenesin increases mucus flow to restore freer breathing through nasal passages3,4
    congested airways
  • Available behind the pharmacy counter

Flexible and Convenient Dosing5,6

  • MUCINEX D: Two 600 mg guaifenesin/
    60 mg pseudoephedrine HCl tablets BID5
  • Maximum Strength MUCINEX D: One 1200 mg guaifenesin/
    120 mg pseudoephedrine HCl tablet BID6

*The ONLY FDA-approved, 12-hour, extended-release guaifenesin with pseudoephedrine HCI available.1,2

References: 1. Data on file [Mucinex NDA], Reckitt Benckiser, Parsippany, NJ. 2. Food and Drug Administration Web site. Electronic Orange Book. Accessed April 15, 2008.
3. Taghizadeh F, Hadley JA, Osguthorpe JD. Pharmacological treatments for rhinosinusitis. Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2002;3(3):305-313. 4. Hamilton LH, Chobanian SL, Cato A, Perkins JG. A study of sustained action pseudophedrine in allergic rhinitis. Ann Allergy. 1982;48:87-92. 5. MUCINEX D product labeling.
6. Maximum Strength MUCINEX D product labeling.

mucinex d helps patients feel better

Review the results of adding MUCINEX D as an adjunct to an antibiotic in the treatment of ARI

For access to the study published in Postgraduate Medicine, click here.

Click here to download:

PDF MUCINEX D Product Labeling

PDF Maximum Strength
MUCINEX D Product Labeling

MUCINEX in. mucus out.

Use as directed.