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Mucinex and Maximum Strength Mucinex
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MUCINEX Clears Chest Congestion

When your patient needs symptom relief, turn to MUCINEX or Maximum Strength MUCINEX

  • MUCINEX and Maximum Strength MUCINEX are the ONLY FDA-approved, 12-hour, extended-release guaifenesin formulations available1,2
  • Patented bi-layer tablet technology
    • - Immediate-release layer provides rapid delivery of active ingredient, while extended-release layer provides 12-hour symptom relief
  • Maximum therapeutic daily dose provides the potency of multiple doses without frequent dosing intervals of liquid guaifenesin tablets vs. syrup

Flexible and Convenient Dosing

  • MUCINEX: One or two 600 mg guaifenesin tablets BID3
  • Maximum Strength MUCINEX: One 1200 mg guaifenesin
    tablet BID5,6

*The ONLY FDA-approved, 12-hour, extended-release guaifenesin available.1,2
Blue and white tablet depicts MUCINEX.
24 teaspoons in 24 hours. 100 mg guaifenesin in each 5 mL teaspoon; dosed 4 teaspoons every 4 hours in a 24-hour period.

References: 1. Data on file [Mucinex NDA], Reckitt Benckiser, Parsippany, NJ. 2. Food and Drug Administration Web site. Electronic Orange Book. Accessed April 15, 2008. 3. Mucinex product labeling 4. Robitussin Chest Congestion Guaifenesin Syrup, USP, product labeling.
5. Maximum Strength Mucinex product labeling. 6. OTC monograph for expectorant products. Accessed January 6, 2009.

MUCINEX in. mucus out.

Use as directed.