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MUCINEX Mini-MeltsTM Clear Kids’ Chest Congestion and Quiet Coughs*1,2

MUCINEX Cough Mini-Melts

When kids need relief, turn to MUCINEX Cough Mini-Melts in Orange Creme flavor

  • Granules are sprinkled on the tongue and swallowed—this easy-to-take form means less stress for parents1,3
  • Premeasured packets to be dosed every 4 hours provide accurate, convenient dosing on the go1
  • Taste of the flavor-masking formula improves compliance1

MUCINEX for Children—A full range of kid-friendly forms

MUCINEX Mini-Melts Break Up Excess Mucus and Quiet Cough1,2

  • MUCINEX Cough Mini-Melts in Orange Creme flavor relieve chest congestion + cough1
  • MUCINEX Mini-Melts in Bubble Gum flavor relieve chest congestion1
  • MUCINEX Mini-Melts in Grape flavor relieve chest congestion1

MUCINEX alcohol-free liquids

  • MUCINEX Cold liquid in Mixed Berry flavor relieves chest + nasal congestion1
  • MUCINEX Cough liquid in Cherry flavor relieves chest congestion + cough1
  • MUCINEX liquid in Grape flavor relieves chest congestion1

Do not use in children under 4 years old.

*Only MUCINEX Cough Mini-Melts in Orange Creme flavor are indicated to control cough.

References: 1. Mucinex for Children product labeling. 2. Yuta A, Baraniak JN. Therapeutic approaches to mucus hypersecretion. Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. 2005;5:243-251. 3. Blaiss M. Current concepts and therapeutic strategies for allergic rhinitis in school-age children. Clin Ther. 2004;26(11):1876-1889.

MUCINEX in. mucus out.

Use as directed.